How To Get The Most Out of A Coach – Strategy #5: Job Description

December 3, 2018

Here is a quick recap for the last four weeks.

Strategy #1: Player Accountability – player’s willingness to fight for their rights.
Strategy #2: Training Environment – players giving their all day in and day out.
Strategy #3: Attitude Is A Skill – players work on building a good attitude.
Strategy #4: Setting The Coach Up for Success – giving the coach full support.

We now arrived in the fifth strategy of the 5 Simple Strategies To Get The Most Out of A Coach: Job Description

Tennis in itself is a game. But the programs are run as a business. And parents need to learn to take their child’s tennis development as a business.

I know this may sound strange but think about it. Is it not true that in the workplace, every position is held by a person with his/ her expertise and the responsibilities are clearly defined for that position?

So, why should your child’s tennis journey be any different? You, the parents need to know what your position and responsibilities are. And the coach needs to know his/ hers as well.

Have a plan. Put everything on the table. Do not assume anything. So, when the storm comes you are both equipped to handle the situation. The mistake I see parents do is they leave all the responsibilities to the coach and when the child underperforms, parents interject with their own thoughts and ideas which may be in conflict with the learning process and slows down the child’s progress.

“Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice

Parents, I urge you to be pro-active in meeting with the coach and spell out each other’s roles and responsibilities. Why you? Because in my opinion, you are the leader on the hierarchy to the success of your child’s tennis journey. Knowing each other’s precise role and responsibilities will save you both a lot of disconcerting arguments and aggravations.

The coach might be apprehensive with your approach but one they will respect knowing you are making yourself accountable for your responsibilities which will build a tremendous trust in the coach.

This concludes the 5 Simple Strategies To Get The Most Out of A Coach. Thus far, I was speaking from a coach’s perspective. The next batch of posts, I will be speaking from a different perspective.

I hope my insights help you in some ways. I encourage you to help me on my quest to spread the words if you could pass my blog on to just one parent.

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Until next week.

Yours Truly…

Inspire On! …. Patricia