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“I really enjoyed the session with Patricia on Thursday, I think it was very informative.

One thing Patricia seemed to emphasize was the importance of the kids’ one-on-one coach. I always thought of this one-on-one time as more of extra practice, but Patricia seemed to suggest that this 1-on-1 coach is actually the primary coach for them. In that sense I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for my kids to be working with the two least experienced coaches at ORC. This is Amon‘s last year before university, maybe he should have more experienced coach like Drago working with him? Please give me your thoughts, I am happy to discuss. Obviously I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but that shouldn’t be the primary concern at this time.”
Vince Lalonde

February 1, 2020

“Thank you so much for the awesome round table question and answer, on January 30th at the ORC. It was awesome for me because you really answered every question with such detail. It was great for any tennis parent. I am looking so forward to the next one!!!!”

Simone Crooks

February 9, 2020

“We met Patricia Hy five years ago as the on court coach at the Ontario Racquet Club. Her coaching went beyond teaching tennis skills, her energy and enthusiasm was contagious, and her professionalism was second to none.

Our daughter, Maya, was proudly aging out of U14 tennis. She was getting excited about U16/18 tennis, ITF tournaments, high school years were quickly there. As parents, we have already traveled the road of high performer junior sport with Maya’s older sister, who was national level athlete in her individual sport and was off to University. We knew tougher times were upon us.

Yet the next couple of years were tougher than we could have imagined, with many ups and downs, exciting wins and disappointing losses, injuries, travel and absence from school adding more pressure to everyday life.There were times we all felt tired and frustrated. Around the same time, we learned that Patricia has decided to focus her energy on the mental aspect of tennis and we were happy she was able to start working with Maya.

It has been about a year now that Maya is working with Patricia on the mental side of her tennis. They work together on strategies that develop skills to bring balance to tennis practice, competition and everyday challenges. She’s learning how they are all tightly woven together.

With the time we all started feeling more grounded and relieved as we knew Maya was in the right hands, we all were. Our team, coaches and us parents, is much stronger with Patricia on board.

I cannot think of anyone better for such a daunting task. Besides all her knowledge, Patricia brings her personal experience as a world-class player, on court coach, parent to teenage kids who are top junior players and trusting friend to us all.

Thank you, Patricia.”

Alex Perkucin and family

November 25, 2019


So excellent you are doing this.

Anyone with the good fortune to hear you speak can trust they are getting better insight on the process than anyone in the business.

Having seen all sides your philosophy is timeless and valuable for anyone pursuing their limits in tennis.”

Tim Bauer

Sport Psychology Consultant, Bauer Consulting LLC, November 29, 2019


“Wow you’re also a great public speaker!

Excellent presentation 👏👏👏 (btw I wasn’t a distracted listener- just madly taking notes!).

Parents AND coaches should go to this presentation if you get a chance.”


Brian Ma

410Tennis, November 27, 2019



Thank you very much for your insights and information yesterday. It is great to know you have such a wealth of information and perspectives from multiple sides.


Aleks Ilic

November 27, 2019

“Great Speaker! Hope to see you again soon.




Gary Trost

National President,United States Professional Tennis Association, December 4, 2019


“Great presentation 👏

Thank you for the insight 🎾”




Bella Bawa

Competitive Junior Tennis Player, November 27, 2019