4 Ways To Calm Your Nerves When Watching Your Child Compete

December 31, 2018

“Don’t worry about winning and losing. Just have fun.” — a parent

It is a mantra that is outdated. It is ill-adviced. Or maybe it was meant for the parent’s ears, to play the anxiety down a bit.

Competition is uncomfortable; it is nerve-wracking for the players and their parents respectively. Just as we preach to our kids about preparing for their matches, it will serve parents well to do the same for themselves. Get mentally ready for a marathon match filled with a roller coaster of emotions.

Listed here are 4 things that you can do:
1) Ask the coach what they are working on. Keep notes.
2) Look for progress. Look at the big picture.
3) Hydration. Drink on your child’s changeovers. This will make you breathe.
4) Let it go. Your child made a dumb error? Don’t dwell on it. Count backward 5,4,3,2,1 and let it go!

You are your child’s biggest fan and influencer. You are their biggest role model.

Yours Truly…


Inspire On! …. Patricia