Tennis Parenting Like a Pro

November 9, 2019
Do you sometimes feel uncertain if you’re pushing your child too hard or not enough? When your child is injured, do you feel unsure whether to keep them playing or should they take a break? Do you know how to help your child deal with the pressure from competition? Do you feel judged by other parents? These are but a few of the issues that tennis parents must learn to master in order to grow together with the child on their tennis journey. A journey that is filled with pressure and expectations from compettion, peer pressure, parent-parent pressure, social pressure which can create havoc and sabotage their self-esteem. If you want to learn some powerful tennis parenting strategies…come and discover from someone who has been in the arena from tour player turned tennis parent/coach – Patricia Hy-Boulais. Click here for more information.
Inspire On! …. Patricia