Day 2 – US Open

September 2, 2020

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Every evening, as a member of the broadcast team, we receive two emails from the broadcast production manager. One email notifying us of our schedule, and the other of the match schedule. Today, I was assigned to my usual post as an analyst for World Feed aka TV. I arrived an hour and a half earlier in my booth to get ready for the 11 0’clock match.

At 10:25 AM, I was notified that I have been moved to do radio. A position that I knew nothing about. I didn’t even know it was a thing. Nevertheless, I had five minutes to learn and to adapt to my new environment.

As I was being escorted to my new post, I could feel myself getting anxious and felt extremely uneasy.
And this is what I did:

  • Breathe. When we get anxious, our heart rate accelerates and causes us to panic.
  • Self-talk reminding myself of the purpose of being here.
  • Then, I consciously made a mental decision that I was going to have fun no matter what.

As we arrived at the radio studio, I was introduced to my new team and my new host. And I ended up loving it. The point is, it is normal that we want to plan things out, to feel in control but we also need to be adaptable. Make lemonade out of lemons!

See you tomorrow.

Inspire On! …. Patricia