Day 6 – US Open

September 6, 2020

Two cool things and one, well, you decide.

Cool thing #1. It’s not every day to be able to sit at courtside to watch one of the greats.

She is fit, determined, focused, and much more relaxed.

Cool thing #2.

Had the privilege to work on Live Sports Radio broadcasting former Buckey, JJ Wolf.

Last but not least of my day? This COVID test Alert will be my third since arriving in New York seven days ago.

It is a saliva test where you spit in a tube until you reach a wiggly line, and you have to make sure the foam from the saliva passes the bar (you get the idea). The first test took me over thirty minutes. During a conversation, I got an inside tip from our radio producer claiming he has a process that only took him five minutes.

Step 1: While walking to the testing site, hold saliva in the mouth instead of swallowing. Upon arrival, you would have a mouthful of spit.

Step 2: Upon arriving at the testing site, scan the code on the phone, and fill in the questionnaire and only answer with “mhm” or “mm” if the attendant asks to help, all the while continuing to build up the saliva swishing in the mouth.

Step 3: Get the tube package and do the spit—a five-second deal.

Step 1. Done. No problem.
Step 2. Failed. My phone would not allow me to input my personal information. After restarting my phone and rescanning the code several times, it was quite apparent that I was having difficulties. There were just so many “mhm” and “mm” that I could respond to the attendants and facing the embarrassing possibility of my spit foaming out of my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow and asked for help. Help, I got. The built-up spit, gone.
It was definitely not my choice of lubricating my throat!

I am happy to report that I managed to complete the task in a much shorter time.

See you tomorrow.

Inspire On! …. Patricia