3 Keys To Dial-Up Your Elite Athlete’s Best

November 18, 2019

Too often we sell the idea to our kids to do their best. And when we watch them compete we can clearly see they can do more, a lot more. Yet, when they come off the court, they are convinced they gave their best. So, where is the disconnect?

Giving one’s best effort is vague and subjective. What if their best keep them stuck with very little improvement? Telling our kids to do their best give them an easy way out, a free get off the hook pass.

Here are 3 keys to help your elite athlete to dial-up their best:

1. It’s about putting in a ridiculous amount of effort, and then some more. It’s when they think they can’t take another step but dig deep and take another one or two.

2. It’s about meeting the demands of the coach, not the parents, not the athlete, the coach! Great coaches are demanding. They don’t babysit.

3. It’s about not taking feedback personally. Feedback from the coach is related to something the athlete did or didn’t do, it has nothing to do with the being of the athlete. It is worth helping your elite athlete to distinguish the difference.

Giving one’s best is not about just showing up and clocking in the time. It’s about going beyond and above what’s expected.


Inspire On...Patricia
Inspire On! …. Patricia